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LMD Productions


Pepsi Holiday Party



Springville Winter Formal



Jennifer Dricken & Amgad Zaghloul

"Thanks so much for your help and entertainment Bill!  Everyone had a great time and the most amazing part was that I didn't have to be checking up on people to see if they were still enjoying themselves.  For once, the party happened on its own and you really helped!!!"  ~Jenny Zaghloul



Stefanie McBurney & Dustin Becker

"You guys were AWESOME!!  Thank you so much for helping me make my daughter's reception a major hit!"  ~Diana McBurney




"We had the best time at our wedding!  We are trying to think of something we can celebrate to have you play again. really!!  Everything you did was awesome!  Thanks so much!" 



Melisa Brynsaas & Erick Cox



Samantha Cook & Michael Langfald

"You really made our reception more than we ever expected.  You weren't kidding about partying us hard and we loved every moment!  You really know you're game and we had and continue to have people ask about how we came across our DJ and they'd never had so much fun.  That is exactly what we wanted and you delivered to a tee.  Thanks again Bill and hope to see you at another wedding or party soon!"  ~Mike & Sam Langfald



Lisa Downs & Brett Murdoch

"You are awesome, it was so much fun! Thanks for making our special day so memorable!"  ~Brett & Lisa Murdoch



Anna Barthel & Christopher Oetker

"The music was amazing! We danced all night! Would recommend Bill to anyone and everyone that needs a DJ. We had an amazing day topped off by an even more amazing reception, thanks to LMD Productions."  ~Christopher & Anna Oetker



Shelby Cox & Tim Folken



Fish Anniversary Party

"We have enjoyed your services on three different family events and have had exceptional services every time!  Thanks so much!"  ~Stacy Tharp






Angi Ward & Dan Shannahan



Katie Strike & Andy Toomer



Susan Sheperd & Michael Hayek

"Thank you so much Bill!  We had many guests comment on what a great job you did.  You played a great mix of music.  Thank you for helping to make our day perfect."  ~Susan & Michael Hayek



Angela Schons & Tuan Phan

"Thanks for making our wedding a night to remember!"  ~Tuan Phan



Melissa Chadwick & Scott Lawler



Autum Boddicker & Ricky Lopata

"Thank you for doing a great job DJ-ing our reception!  You really kept things rockin'!  I had a lot of people comment on how much they enjoyed the dance and music!  We had a wonderful time!  Thanks for making our day even more special!"  ~Autum & Ricky Lopata



Dusty Heislinga & Luke Gentzler



Jennifer Stephens & Kyle Schroeder

"We wanted to thank you again for making our wedding extra special.  It was an honor to have you part of our day and we thank you for making the night so much fun!  Thank you again and we will highly recommend you to others!"  ~Jen & Kyle Schroeder



Mindy Lawrence & Eric Chrisman 

"Thanks!  You really made our wedding the event that we wanted it to be!  Thank you so much!"  ~Mindy Chrisman




Stacie Mayo & Tony Olson



Nicole Gibbs & Jeff Glau

"You guys did a wonderful job! Things were much better than I thought they would be! Thank you for making our special day far better than we dreamed!"  ~Nicole Glau



Lynn Kremer & Sean Bucheit

"We really had a great time.  You did a great job and many people asked us how we found you.  Our guests enjoyed the night and so did we.  Thank you so much for everything!"  ~Lynn & Sean Bucheit



Maggie Clark & Mathew Murillo



Erica Diggins & Nic Barnhart

"I thought you did a great job and I'll definitely be recommending you to future brides!"  ~Erica Barnhart


Diane & David Bennett



Deb Porter & Gerry Burns

"Thank you for making our day even more special; it meant a great deal to us that you were part of it.  Thanks for everything!"  ~Deb & Gerry Burns



Jodi Bauer & Derek Stepanek 

"Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding.  You kept the party alive and going.  We loved all the wigs and your dancing!  Derek's never had so much hair!!!  Thanks again!  ~Jodi & Derek Stepanek



Shelly McBurney & Scott Sauer 


Amanda Leider & Wyatt Miller 

"Thanks for making our reception great.  We had fun and got lots of compliments on how great you guys were!"  ~Wyatt & Amanda Miller



McLeod Employee Appreciation Party


Melissa Alexander & Jason Harmon 


Cassie Mitchell & Ryan Moore

"We had a great time at our reception and wanted to thank you for the great job you did.  We had comments on the great mix of music that you played and how well things were put together.  Thanks again!"  ~Ryan & Cassie Moore



Dona Ropa & Christopher Castelein


Amanda Zentz & Charles Tirella 


Crystal Slauson & Rich Loy 


Cheryl Oldenburg & John Schultz 


“Thanks so much for giving us a great time at our reception.  The night went so fast – we should have booked you longer!  The music was just right and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Thanks for all of the info at the consult as well.  You could have another career as a wedding planner!”  ~Cheryl & John Schultz



Aimee Havel & Andy Johnson 


Michele Ferrel & David Bogs

"OK, what's your secret?  My non-dancing father was boogy-ing on the dance floor wearing a feather boa and a 'fro wig?!  How does that happen?  Well, it must take a great set of DJ's!  Bill, you and Tim were the best!  I have only one complaint -- stop playing all of our requests and great music!  My feet were killing me cause you kept me and everyone else on the dance floor til the end!!!  ;-)  Thanks again -- we had a ball and so did our guests!"  ~Michele & Dave Bogs



Jaclyn Payne & Jakob Tetinger 


Teylor Wilson & Tex Goates

I don't think that our wedding could have gone any better! I was so impressed and thrilled with the job you performed! Everyone had a GREAT time I am told and that is all that really matters! And feet were killing me by the night’s end! Great job and I'll recommend you to everyone! Thanks again!”  ~Tex & Teylor Goates



City Carton Recycling Holiday Party 


Anne Wellman & Michael Schwemm


Nicole Simon & Justin Philipp


Aegon Money Services Holiday Party


GE Commercial Finance Holiday Party 


AEGON/AFP Holiday Party


Janda Mott & Matt Wilden

“Bill, thank you for everything!!  Matt and I had a great time at our wedding!  We loved the music played and we could see from all of the pictures we got back that everyone else was having a great time too.  We got many compliments from people telling us that our reception was a lot of fun and you were an integral part of that.  I had no worries that night!”  ~Janda Wilden



Alicia Bradshaw & Andrew Tower


Katie Cook & Jesse Schumacher

“Thanks!  I couldn’t have been happier.  Bill was a fabulous DJ and everyone enjoyed him so much!  He played the right music at the right time and had everyone involved. Kudos! Thanks again!”  ~Katie & Jesse Schumacher

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