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LMD Productions


Sara Thompson & Greg Carson



Life Investors



Quintrex Data Systems



Christen Wood & Travis Taylor






Crissie Harford & Kent Osborn



Erin & Robert Hutchison



Lindsey Sieh & Chris Sullivan

"We knew you would do a fantastic job and you definitely exceeded our expectations.  Thank you for all of your help in creating a memorable and fun night.  We had a blast and we know our guests did.  I will recommend you to everyone."  ~Lindsey Sullivan 



Julie Goedken & Sean Beard

"Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful DJ.  Everyone, more importantly Julie and I, were so pleased at the job you did.  You truly kept everyone dancing and we will certainly recommend you to our friends.  Thanks again!"  ~Sean Beard



Renee Overmohle & Stephen Funderburk

"You did an amazing job!  Stephen and I had a blast at our Reception and everyone has commented as to how awesome our DJ was.  Many of our friends have asked about you for their upcoming weddings.  You made the night flow so smoothly and you took care of all the details and timing of events. Great job!"  ~Renee Funderburk



Amanda Pitz & Peter Tuchel



Laura Wisgerhof & Adam Humes

"You did a wonderful job at our wedding.  You kept everything running smoothly and I greatly appreciate that.  Everyone there had a blast and many of my engaged friends wanted your number!  I thank you again for your professionalism and I will definitely recommend you to everyone!"  ~Laura Humes



MBS Mountainboards



Paige Berthel & Greg Swartzendruber

"Thank you so much for playing at our wedding and making it so much fun.  We really had a great time and couldn't have asked for a better day.  Everyone we have talked to said it was the funnest wedding they had ever been to."  ~ Paige Swartzendruber



Stephanie Walsh & Marc Brandenberg



Kristen Siefken & Brandon Pierce



Angela Henry & Ben Williams

"Thank you so much for making Angela and Ben's Wedding so wonderful.  Your entertainment kept the party alive.  I will highly recommend you to all our friends.  I think the dance may have gone all night if we did not stop when we did."  ~Joanne Henry



Charlotte Ohrt & Eric Butikofer



Valerie Piersall & Michael Herring

"Thanks for making our reception so fun!"  ~Val Herring



Amber Bohlen & Brandon Scheil

"Thank you so much for being our DJ!  We have had a lot of people who've complimented on how well you did!  We had a blast!  You were the reception!  We appreciate your being so organized and bringing the reception together!  Thanks so much!"  ~Amber Scheil






Jo Dee Chapman & Jonas Everett



Vanessa Storm & Nick Palmer

"I have heard so many nice compliments about the dance!  One of our guests said ?it was one of the best wedding dances (they've) been to in a long time.'  You made it very special for us!  Thanks!"  ~ Vanessa Palmer



Molly Grisham & Derek Althorfer



Katie Ripple & Charles Privett



Jane Praska & Mike Proffit 

"LMD Productions is what made my wedding reception and dance flow smoothly! Bill, you were wonderful and really went beyond what I expected from a DJ!  Many thanks!!!"  ~Jane Proffit



Sarah Whittle & Aaron Goeman



Cassie Willits & Pat Kraus



Jennifer Silkebaken & Jobe Price

"Thanks again for doing an awesome job at our wedding.  I just checked out some of the pictures on your website and they are hilarious.  They definitely show what a great time everyone had."  ~Jobe Price



Libby Simpson & Scott Demuth

"Bill, you did and absolutely fabulous job.  We got so many compliments on you.  You were abouve and beyond a DJ!  Thank you so much for making our wedding so much fun and special!"  ~ Scott & Libby Demuth



Hoover Elementary



Michelle McKee & Roger Walter

"Thanks for taking such good care of us at our Reception!  Because of you, I didn't have to worry about a thing!  You are certainly a pro and I would (and have already!) recommend you to friend and family."  ~Michelle & Roger Walter



Amy Oltman & Daniel Blomquist

"You made our Reception!!  I can't believe how many people came up and said this was the ?funnest' reception they've ever been to and I owe it all to you!"  ~Amy Blomquist



Sara Allender & Luke Mallicoat






Aegon Winter Party



Allen Motor Company Christmas Party



Springville High School Holiday Dance



Megan Twomey & Doug Cole

"Wow!! You did such an awesome job at our wedding. You were one of the details about which I was most excited prior to our wedding. I just had a feeling you would be perfect. I was so impressed with how you brought all of our guests into the dance; so many of our guests commented that you were the best DJ they had seen. But even more importantly than your performance at our wedding was your help prior to the wedding. You were almost like a wedding planner for us. You told us exactly how things typically play out, and gave us many options with pros and cons of each. The reception also ran along so smoothly, because you were always right on top of things. Thanks for making our wedding night so special!" ~Megan Cole


"You rocked. Thank you for making our wedding night so spectacular. You went above and beyond the call of duty, even going so far as to provide New Year's party favors for the guests. You certainly met and exceeded our expectations, and I would recommend you to anyone! From you preparation to your attire to your attitude to your professionalism, everything was top notch. Thanks so much!" ~Doug Cole


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